Opponents Still Fighting Stephens Valley Development

Posted at 5:28 PM, Aug 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-12 22:11:15-04

While developers continued to finalize plans for a massive $1 billion development that will span both Davidson and Williamson Counties, opponents still haven't backed down.

The Stephens Valley development has been approved by planning commissioners, but opponents in Williamson County are determined to change the plans.

“We believe in dialogue, and we believe this is a work in progress,” said Laura Turner, a member of the group Citizens for Old Natchez Trace.

Turner has helped organize multiple protests, and signs opposing the project also sit in the yards of people who live in the area.

Turner said her biggest concerns haven’t changed. She said the project is too large for the area, and would bring additional traffic, and hurt the rural charm of the area.

“The impact of this supersized division will literally be a traffic tsunami on all of these historically significant roads,” said Turner.

Developer John Rochford said the almost 900-acre development will feature 791 homes in Williamson County.  Original plans called for more homes, but were changed to feature more green space. Now the area will feature playing fields and park areas.  Homes will have connected sidewalks and yards.

Rochford said in a statement:

“I respect the opinion and concern of all the citizens in both counties. The worry about traffic and loss of open space are real concerns. Smart growth today, however, wraps itself around  providing services close to where you live so many trips will be eliminated in a work, live, play community which is what Stephens Valley will be when completed.”

Still Turner said it isn’t the best fit for the area, and opponents planned to continue to meet with county leaders to express their concerns.

“It’s a super sized subdivision, and we will continue a supersized push back,” said Turner.

Rochford's plans were being finalized, and he hoped to break ground around the beginning of 2017.