Parents push back against Sumner Co. rezoning proposal

Posted at 10:30 PM, Dec 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-11 23:30:58-05

Would you want your child to be forced to go to four different schools in four years? That prospect brought out dozens of parents in Sumner County where a re-zoning proposal to battle overcrowding has them looking for alternatives.

The board still has to approve the overall plan, the board adopted an amendment Tuesday evening that has some parents worried.

The schools director has proposed a two part solution including a long term fix of adding a new school cluster to address the Sumner County population boom.

But it's the short term plan that has brought parents out in front of the school board.

Parents at the meeting unanimously spoke out against a shorter term plan to rezone some neighborhoods to new schools starting next year, ahead of the additional rezoning that would happen once the new schools come online.

"Kids require structure and consistency, and every kid is different, some are able to adapt quickly, others are not," said Sarah Veale, a parent and professional therapist.

Parents hoped the board would vote for -- or at least discuss -- a change to the plan that would allow all K-12 students to stay in their current schools, until the new schools come online -- as long as they provide their own transportation -- but without discussion, the board approved that exception just for students in Station Camp High School.