Park maintenance crews say trash dumping is a problem

Posted at 4:55 PM, Oct 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-22 20:27:28-04

Metro crews cleaned up an illegal dump site in Peeler Park Monday morning. The park usually has some litter, but maintenance crews for the city deal with dumping in parks regularly.

The dump site was discovered by a woman who frequents Peeler Park on Friday. Though it could've appeared as early as Wednesday according to park officials.

"This is where somebody chose, apparently, to dump their household trash," said the woman, who asked to not be identified. "Instead of taking it to the dump, they brought it here to deface our natural park. Where we like to come and walk and enjoy the cool air and the trees and just the beauty of nature."

According to a maintenance supervisor, dumps like this happen so much he doesn't have a count on how many they've responded to. He said if someone sees illegal dumping in progress should call park police. Otherwise, contact the Metro Parks and Recreation to report trash in green ways.

"You know, it's just really disappointing," said Colleen Cussick, who was enjoying the park Monday. "With the growth of Nashville, you're going to have all kinds of citizens. The fact that we've been so proactive with having green space for our city, you would think people would respect that."