Peeping Tom Spotted Several Times Around Apartment Complex

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - A woman said she's seen a Peeping Tom at her Nashville apartment complex and hopes police catch the suspect soon.

Madeleine Little has lived at Gazebo Apartments near Glencliff Elementary School for five months without any problems except for the disturbing suspect.

She said she's either heard or seen the suspect pleasuring himself outside her window three times.

"This latest time it was moaning and then at the end it was 'baby I'm about to...something,'" she said. 

The description of the suspect isn't too specific. She told police the male suspect was a muscular African-American man, about 5-foot-8, wearing only basketball shorts.

"There's been emails from the complex saying women have reported a man matching my description exposing himself to them," Little said.

The idea of someone watching her outside her window leaves her feeling uneasy.

"It's so disgusting and it's not fair. Nobody asked for this to happen. I just hope he doesn't hurt anyone before the police actually start caring," Little said. 

Little does live in a gated community and said since this has happen so many times she and her roommates believe the man lives within the complex.

The apartment complex is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the capture of the suspect.

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