Petition Created To Reduce Bond of Timea Batts' Father

Posted at 6:30 PM, Aug 11, 2016

A petition has been made in hopes of freeing Timothy Batts, the father accused of shooting and killing his 11-year-old daughter after her first day of 6th grade.

Originally, Batts told police she was shot getting off the school bus. However, he later confessed to investigators that he was startled and accidentally shot her.

The Monday incident rocked the Hendersonville community. 

Dale Daniel said, "In the first place he shouldn't have had a gun. That's the bottom line. That's why he lied about it to start with and said someone shot her because he didn't want them to catch him with a gun. He knew if he said 'I shot her' he was going to jail over the gun. He's not supposed to have one. He's a felon."

Another woman said she didn't support the petition either. Danielle Dugger's sister went to school with Timea.

Dugger said, "I don't know how he couldn't figure out it wasn't his own daughter's voice that he heard in the house before he shot her."

However, supporters of the petition believed it was nothing more than a terrible accident. They want the bond reduced so that they can bail him out. 

Briana Cooper said, "With a million dollar bond, we all know 10% is 100,000. Timothy can't come up with that money. He needs to have a bond that is equivalent to his charge which is reckless homicide in my opinion reckless homicide says it's an accident."

Cooper said she's known "Tim-mont" and Timea's mom for a long time.

Cooper said, "I went to school with Sade even before high school. I went to school with Tim-mont. I've been knowing him for quite some time. They both were passionate about their kids. Sade says she forgives Tim-mont why can't everyone else?"

In 15 hours, the petition had gained over 7,000 signatures. 

Cooper said, "Tim-mont had full custody of his daughter. There was a reason for that. He was a great father. He needs to be home or at least have the ability to come home to raise the rest of his children and grieve and be at his daughter's funeral."

Batts' bond hearing was scheduled for Friday at 9 a.m. in Sumner County.