Petition Sheds New Light On AMBER ALERT

Thomas Had Allegedly Beome "Fearful" Of Cummins
Posted at 4:22 PM, Apr 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-07 23:26:20-04

The father of missing teen, Elizabeth Thomas, filed a petition for perpetuation, in which the court filing says her kidnapper, Tad Cummins, threatened her with "repercussions" at school in order for her to go out with him.

Anthony Thomas filed the petition Thursday in an effort to gather testimonies under oath.

Elizabeth, 15, went missing almost four weeks ago with her former Culleoka Unit School teacher, 50-year-old Cummins. 

The petition lists the several rumors and facts her father has learned since Elizabeth's disappearance.

That information was listed as follows:

Elizabeth allegedly told the driver who dropped her off at Shoney’s the day she went missing that she wanted to be taken back home. The petition added Elizabeth reportedly said she was meeting a teenage friend named “Thomas,” but was having second thoughts about seeing him. It was later learned by Elizabeth’s father that those comments were allegedly about Cummins, not a teenager named “Thomas.”

Cummins had allegedly picked Elizabeth up multiple times from her home. He also allegedly threatened her saying if she didn’t go, she would “face repercussions at school,” according to the petition.

Elizabeth allegedly told siblings and friends she was “scared” of Cummins. They reportedly add she said she was “in over her head.”

Cummins reportedly told her that he was a millionaire, and that he had served in the Army at some point.

After his suspension from school, he was known to visit Elizabeth’s workplace, and she would frequently hide from Cummins, asking her coworkers to lie about her being there.

The petition stated Elizabeth allegedly did not want to see him or speak to him. Friends reportedly said she showed fear of him leading Anthony Thomas to say Cummins was stalking Elizabeth.

Due to the kissing incident, Cummins allegedly told Elizabeth, according to the petition, “her future collegiate and work career was ruined.” It’s believed by Anthony Thomas this would cause Elizabeth to believe leaving with Cummins was her best option.

Other students said Cummins would have physical contact with Elizabeth, including allegedly rubbing her back and shoulders while at school.

More details were listed in the full petition.

For these reasons and many others, Elizabeth’s father filed the petition to gain additional testimony in order to “fully vet and confirm these facts under oath from third-party witnesses” since neither Cummins or Elizabeth can be reached to verify them.

The petition was scheduled to be heard on April 10 in Maury County at 9 a.m.