Photo Brings Attention To Nashville Bus Station Bathrooms

Posted at 9:59 PM, Aug 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-30 23:13:32-04

A picture floating around the internet is bringing attention to an issue many in Nashville say has been unresolved for months.

The photo of the interior of a bathroom has a caption that reads: “State prison or Nashville’s MTA bus station?  Which is which?”

The photo was put together by Music City Riders United, a community group of frequent bus riders in an effort to bring attention to the so-called "deplorable conditions" in the men’s restroom at the Music City Central bus station.

“The bathrooms are so nasty, a lot of people don’t go in them anymore,” said Kutonia Smith, a member of Music City Riders United.

“You talk to people who are in charge, and in positions of authority and they won’t listen,” added Sheila Joy, a member of Music City Riders United.  “You have to shove it in their face.”

Group members said the men’s bathroom currently doesn’t have dividing walls between the toilets, the sinks don’t work, and it is dirty. 

Members of the group said the photo is already getting a lot of response.  Nashville MTA responded with a statement apologizing for the inconvenience: “ We, too, are appalled that individuals have continued to vandalize the men’s restroom at Music City Central over the past several months. Such acts are deplorable and inexcusable. We are repairing and replacing the damaged materials as quickly as possible.”

Members of Music City Riders United said they hope the photo brings some positive and permanent changes at bus stations.  They brought the images to a MTA board meeting last week, and said they would continue to attend future meetings if necessary.

“This is not the end of it,” said Michelle Estes, a member of Music City Riders United.  “We see other things they need to work on.”

A spokesperson for Nashville MTA said  they have already received the majority of the parts required to install new stalls and are expecting the final parts needed to arrive in the next day or two.  Construction will begin immediately.

The Nashville MTA also encourages anyone with knowledge regarding the recent vandalism to contact our Customer Care staff at (615) 862-5950 or email so the information can be shared with security and law enforcement personnel.

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