Photo Of Joe Clyde Put In His Parents' Jail Cells

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - A photo of little Joe Clyde Daniels was made into a flyer and posted around the jail, including his parents' jail cells.

Sheriff Jeff Bledsoe told NewsChannel 5 that one of Joe Clyde’s former teachers posted a picture of him smiling on Facebook.

He then used the picture to make a flyer and post it around the jail for visitors, inmates and employees in hopes of it leading to more information about where his body may be.

The Sheriff said he told Krystal and Joseph Daniels about the flyer and they both agreed to have one posted inside their jail cell.

Joe was reported missing  in early April. Search teams canvassed the area, only to find out that his father admitted to law enforcement that he beat his son to death. His mother was also arrested and charged in the crime.

There have been about 1,700 inmates go through the jail, so far.

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