Planning Commission To Discuss STR Bill; Home or Business?

Posted at 7:55 PM, Dec 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-14 00:19:47-05

From not-so-family-friendly bachelorette parties to noise complaints, short term rentals have been a hot topic in Music City. As a result, a new bill could define a short term rental as a business. 

Adam and Madison Bond are visiting Nashville from Indianapolis and staying at an Airbnb in the 12 South neighborhood.

Bond said, "We just went to Frothy Monkey! And I think we're going to go shop at local boutiques and just kind of walk around and see everything." 

They prefer short term rentals over hotels.

Bond said, "We want the privacy, we want to not feel like we're sleeping in somebody's guest room when they're right there. That's just our preference... Airbnb is always half of the price and twice the space." 

But it's those same units that have sparked controversy.

Ryan Parrish left his dream home in 12 South to move to Shy's Hill near Green Hills which is quieter.

Parrish said, "My wife and I lived in the neighborhood for 13 years, renovated a 100 year old folk Victorian." 

He had to get away from the short term rentals across the street from him.

Parrish said, "My perspective on it is, when I move into a home, I expect that to be a home and not to have a small hotel next door." 

He wrote to the planning commission to tell his story, and to voice his opposition to Bill 937.

Parrish said, "It basically grandfathers in those properties saying that they can act as a commercial business in a residentially zoned area. Which is an interesting idea to me, because if that's the case, why couldn't I run a hair salon or a tire rotation business out of my house?" 

With a permit, investors could purchase a home for the sole purpose of using it as a short term rental according to the bill.

While some neighbors may be against it, short term renters say it's their ideal scenario. 

Parrish said, "It feels like home away from home right, you've got your space, your privacy, so it was good for us."

On Thursday at 4p.m. the Planning Commission will be meeting at the Howard Office Building to hear concerns  from the public about the bill. 

Here is a linkto the bill on page 127.