Police: Clarksville Pet Cemetery Repeatedly Vandalized

Posted: 5:15 PM, Oct 18, 2018
Updated: 2018-10-19 00:06:49Z

A pet cemetery in Clarksville was vandalized multiple times from May to mid-October according to police and a resident who has a pet buried there.

The Garden of Love Pet Cemetery was first vandalized when someone dug up one of the graves at the front of the lot on Needmore Road. Months later, there have been multiple reports to police of gravestones, crosses and trinkets being damaged or destroyed.

"This doesn't happen on accident. Bowls don't get broken for no reason, flowers removed, a light stolen that lit up the monument that was a memorial to police K-9s. These things don't happen on their own," said Traci Vallone, whose German Shepard Rex is buried there.

Vallone said a spotlight she uses to illuminate a large cross was destroyed.

"I come regularly and it was laying on the ground." she said. "It was taken apart, it was unplugged, the wire was stretched all over. So, I put it back together, put it in and it worked. And then, I came yesterday and it was broken. It was unplugged. The solar, the top of it has a solar panel. It was taken off and it wasn't on the ground in pieces, we can't find it. It was just removed."

Vallone said she has contacted the police multiple times.

A Clarksville Police spokesperson said he's aware of the vandalism but without any video, photos or witnesses, there aren't any leads.

Vallone is asking anyone who knows who is doing this to call police.

Repairing portions of the cemetery has cost her about $1,000, she said.