Police continue search for suspect one year after biker killed in hit-and-run

Dwight Carter
Posted at 8:45 PM, Apr 18, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-18 21:45:01-04

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — One year after the hit-and-run death of a father of five, an arrest has still not been made.

Though a suspect has been named, Clarksville police say he's been on the run for this entire year. A family says closure's not possible until someone's held responsible.

"I come out here about once a week for sure," said Heather Arrington, walking out to a display of a cross with her father's name written across it. "If I need somewhere to go and sit and talk, this is where I go. He was my best friend. He was my father. Good or bad, that's who I went to."

There are items Arrington brings to the display that tells the story of her dad, Dwight Carter.

"He had his own business, Yard Gnome Lawn Care," she said, gesturing to a little gnome in the display.

She turned her attention to a small Santa on the display.

"Christmas was his favorite holiday."

A year ago, Clarksville police said a truck crossed several lanes of traffic on New Providence Boulevard in front of a group of bikers causing Carter to crash. A few days later, Carter died from his injuries. Police said the truck involved was found on College Street two miles from the crash.

Police said the driver of the truck was Stanley Cliff, but he was never arrested. Police are still searching for him.

"I'd like to see the man brought to justice," said Booger Watson, a friend of Carter. "The man could have just waited and Dwight would still be here today. It's like an open wound, and until this man is brought to justice, it's gonna weigh on them heavily. Catching him won't bring Dwight back, but maybe it'll bring some closure."