Two bystanders injured in shooting outside Nashville motel and restaurant

Posted at 6:15 AM, Jul 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-03 19:38:32-04

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — Two bystanders were hurt when a group of people began shooting in a motel parking lot.

Metro police spokesperson Kris Mumford said six people met up at the motel, four in one vehicle, and two in the other.

At some point, Mumford said “things went south” and gunfire erupted. A man who was staying at the motel was struck in the parking lot.

"He is a 54-year-old man from Georgia, and he was struck, non-life threatening injuries," Mumford said.

A Cracker Barrel employee was also shot as two of the men ran towards the restaurant. Neither injury was life-threatening.

Instead of waking up to their alarms, people at the Lotus Inn and Suites woke up to gunshots.

Charles 'Brad' Strength said, "I guess it can happen anywhere. I don't want 'my time to come' in the motel parking lot though."

Strength is visiting Nashville from California.

"With nothing but two guitars in our pockets," Strength said.

Investigators said the 2 groups met up in the parking lot, but they still don't know why. Prior to the shooting, 2 men in the black Nissan met with 2 men in a third vehicle. Their connection to what happened is not known. Cracker Barrel customers were concerned by the situation.

"We just came in here, grabbed some breakfast, and it's really heartbreaking to hear," Luis Rodriguez said, "Not knowing what's going on you have mass confusions and chaos."

Some evidence was left at the scene.

"There was a backpack that was recovered from the parking lot of the Cracker Barrel, and there were electronics and some other possessions inside that backpack, we will be evaluating and examining those electronics," Mumford said.

As police continue searching for those involved, the victims are expected to make a full recovery.

Anyone with information was asked to call Crime Stoppers at 615-74-CRIME.