Police: Tim Williamson Was 1 of 3 Who Helped In River Rescue

Posted at 7:11 PM, Jul 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-11 20:45:44-04

One week after 9-year-old Dreyton Sims was swept away in the Duck River, Shelbyville Police said Tuesday Tim Williamson was one of three people who played a role in the rescue attempt of Dreyton's older brother T.J.

The news came after reports emerged this week that questioned whether one of those men, Timothy Williamson had been involved in saving the life of T.J.

But Shelbyville Police said that was before they interviewed Williamson himself, which they said they did Tuesday morning.  

Police followed up by saing Tim and two others, all played a role in saving T.J's life, even though they said they don't know exactly who did what in rescuing T.J., as they deal with conflicting accounts.

"We got three guys that actually, actively - we do know - went into the water after these two boys to make an attempt," said Det. Cody Swift with the Shelbyville Police Department.

Tim told NewsChannel 5 while two other men were able to bring T.J. out of the water, he was able to get him out of the rough current in the middle of the river, closer to the calmer banks.

"I remember grabbing his shorts, or his leg or something," Williamson said.  "I didn't have him physically in my arms swimming to the shore, no, but I got him into safer water somehow."

Tim said there was no way he lied about his role in the river rescue.

"Lied? No." Williamson said.  "No sir. Not one bit. How can a man lie about something like that when he's got kids of his own? No, no lies were told."