TNGOP, Democratic Party Discuss Trump

Posted at 3:00 PM, May 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-04 20:47:15-04

Both parties in Tennessee have been reacting to the reality of Trump as the Republican nominee.

They have now been looking at the general election. The Tennessee Republican Party put out a statement Wednesday afternoon, saying in part:

"...we're ready to turn our attention to defeating Hillary Clinton and the liberal agenda that drives the Tennessee Democrat Party.

"While they place an emphasis on stifling traditional values, expanding the government leviathan, and doubling down on the epic failures of Barack Obama, we're going to advocate for more solutions that actually answer the problems faced by Tennesseans."

The Tennessee Democratic party responded by saying, in part:

"Donald Trump has built his campaign on fear, stoking the embers of racism, sexism, and xenophobia that still remain in this country, but that hasn't stopped the Tennessee Republicans from endorsing and actively campaigning for him."

Senator Bill Ketron, a delegate for Trump at the national convention, said it's up to the state Republican party to unify people who planned on voting for Cruz or Kasich, and he said because of how bitterly divided the Republican primary has been, that's not going to be easy.

"They're going to have to get over it and lick their wounds a little bit, but hopefully by July they'll get over that and focus on which one you want to go with. The opposition on the other party, or the one that we have chosen," Ketron said.

Ketron said eventually, even if it's not by the convention in July, he thinks Republicans across Tennessee will stand behind Trump as their nominee.