Squirrel, Crash Knocks Out Power To Thousands

Posted at 5:52 PM, Dec 19, 2016

Over 2,000 NES customers were without power on a frigid Monday morning.

In Glenncliff there was a car that crashed into a pole. It knocked out power.

Around 8:45a.m. there was a squirrel that was electrocuted in a power line.

An NES spokesperson said it blew a fuse. Power was restored to Inglewood residents shortly before 2p.m.

Max Knudsen frantically rushed home to tend to her chickens.

Knudsen said, "I'm taking my baby chicks that I brooded recently over to a neighbors because my power's out."

Knudsen got to them in time.

Knudsen said, "If I was incubating I'd be in big trouble they'd already be dead. Even a couple minutes at a certain stage would kill a whole brood of chickens."

Another resident on Gregory Drive near Cooper Lane said she heard a small explosion when the power went out.

Betty Heindorff said, "I woke up and I heard a really loud pop. I thought it was a gunshot. And then everything kind of turned off in the house so I knew the power was out."

She was concerned because she was taking care of her infant.

Heindorff said, "It was scary. He was crying I knew he was cold and I was cold. Luckily we have lots of clothes so we've just been bundling up

Roman Heindorff raced home from work around 9 this morning to start a fire for his family.

Heindorff said, "We have him layered in a fleece pajamas and this little bear outfit."

One of the rooms in their home dropped into the 50s after two hours without power.

“Gotta think about the people who don't have fire places or don't have homes!"

NES crews said they are working non-stop to tackle power outages during this cold snap.