Queshan Brooks' Case Bound Over To Grand Jury

Posted at 8:16 PM, Apr 18, 2018

The man accused of killing two young stepsisters before carjacking and killing a 70-year-old man had his case bound over to a Grand Jury.

Reports stated 24-year-old Queshan Brooks has been accused of the murders that happened in January.

In court Wednesday, Brooks’ stepmother, Darnykka Daniel, spoke of his “strange” actions that she noticed before Brooks reportedly pulled a gun and shot her twice in the kitchen of her home on January 12.

Brooks then fled from the home, which was when Daniel heard three more gunshots.

She found Brooks standing over her 8-year-old daughter “execution-style.”

Reports stated the 8-year-old had allegedly been trying to run away from her stepbrother after she saw him shoot her 5-year-old sister with a single gunshot.

Also in court was 52-year-old Patrick Hancock who was shot as he tried to wrestle the gun away from Brooks during the carjacking. The carjacking resulted in the death of Hancock’s friend, 70-year-old Robert Payne.

Multiple friends and of the victims appeared in court Wednesday, and many of them were wearing lapel buttons that featured pictures of their loved ones.

Reports from the courtroom stated family members could be heard crying during the emotional testimony.