Questionable Items Found Before, After WLM Rally

Posted at 5:36 PM, Oct 30, 2017

Law enforcement in Murfreesboro found several items before and after a planned White Lives Matter rally that could have been used as weapons. 

Officers scoured the downtown square in Murfreesboro to spot for anything suspicious. Prior to the rally, Murfreesboro police found a variety of items including bricks, hammers, butter knives, and scraps of metal inside the perimeter. 

The items were laid out on a table and later taken a picture of. 

Although it was not known who the items belonged to, law enforcement suspected individuals were placing them in concealed locations, according to city spokesperson Michael Browning. 

The White Lives Matter rally ended up being canceled despite the large number of counter protesters waiting for them. 

After the rally, police searched the area and found 10 questionable items outside the perimeter:

  • 4 hammers
  • 1 bike chain
  • 1 butter knife
  • 1 homemade sapp (rubber-covered concrete mallet)
  • two bike chain locks
  • one homemade spike

Browning added that there was no damage to properties and no arrests on Saturday.