Radio Disney Country opens studio on Music Row

Posted at 5:35 PM, Jul 25, 2019

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Radio Disney Country opened a new studio on Music Row, making their presence stronger in Nashville than it’s ever been before all while helping preserve Music Row.

“Music Row was always this magical place for me, driving up and down it,” Kalie Shorr, co-host of the Let The Girls Play segment on Radio Disney Country, which is recorded in Radio Disney Country’s new studio. “We’re in this really cool studio space with these old vintage instruments and stuff and it just feels so quintessentially Nashville.”

Shorr and her co-host Savannah Keyes record 12 or more segments a week that air all-day every day.

“Supporting women in Country, talking about Nashville, a little behind the scenes from an artist perspective,” Shorr said of the content of the show.

Beyond a show specific about supporting women in Country Music, Shorr said that Radio Disney Country plays women fairly, unlike most traditional Country Music radio stations.

“The past 3 years on Country radio, the year-end Billboard charts have averaged to be around 10% or less female, which is absolutely insane,” Shorr said, adding that on Radio Disney Country, you could hear three female Country Music artists played in a row, whereas it could take you an hour to hear a single female Country Music artist on traditional Country Radio.

While Disney generally has a connotation to a younger audience, Shorr said that their target audience is in the 18 to 34-year-old range, and they play everything from new up-and-coming artists to “Old Town Road’ and other major songs.

The new studio allows them to have a specific space to record the show, and the new space helps preserve Music Row by taking advantage of space already there and created for music.

“It just has this charm to it, and I love that they didn’t make it this big buttoned-up corporate thing, they were just like, let’s just be Nashville,” Shorr said, adding that she’s glad Disney didn’t have to demolish a building to set up their operation.

“I think Music Row is just such a huge part of Nashville, and it really breaks my heart to see really incredible buildings going, and this is a really cool, historical studio building, and we popped up right here. I love that Disney took the opportunity to give us a spot that feels like Nashville as opposed to contributing to some of the demolition of some of these great buildings,” Shorr said. “I just hope that we see more companies like Disney and beyond choose to support it as opposed to ruin it.”

You can listen to Let The Girls Play and Radio Disney Country online or through the Radio Disney app.