Reported Coyotes Sighted, Pets Missing In Madison Neighborhood

Posted at 6:03 PM, Nov 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-08 19:36:36-05

Reported coyote sightings have had several Madison residents on edge after multiple pets were reported missing.

In the Montague neighborhood, neighbors said they saw a pack of coyotes roaming their streets looking for food.

"I've lost a pet, and my neighbors lost a pet, and that's what I know," said Pamela McInish. Pamela's cat, Malley, went missing about three weeks ago, just a week after people living in the neighborhood noticed coyotes walking around.

"About two nights ago, we were sitting out front and just started, he was just prancing up the middle of our street. All the way up our street," said McInish.

She was not the only one looking. Resident Von Moye saw some coyotes as they walked through his front yard near his elderly beagle.

"I thought, this is not good," Moye said. He followed the coyotes and realized there must've been six or more. They walked about a half mile from his house, down to a dead end that spilled into a front yard of a home with two puppies penned out front. It was 10 o'clock on Tuesday night.

"There was about four of them surrounding that pen," said Moye. "So, I pulled the truck up more. I was snapping some pictures here, some pictures there. There was one big one up here."

Moye shot two pictures of the animals as they prowled the yard. He said he shouted at the coyotes as they sniffed at the pen.

"If these coyotes know that there's food here or small dogs or cats, they're an easy target," said Moye.

Other Madison residents have heard or seen the coyotes. Audio was captured of coyotes on October 20 on Valmarie Drive.

Residents said they called animal control and the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, but they were told there's not much that can be done. They were instructed to remove any food sources the coyotes could get into.

"If we pull away their possible food source then maybe they'll move on and actually become someone else's problem," said McInish.