Residents fight Upper Station Camp Creek sewer line

Posted at 4:09 PM, Jun 17, 2019

HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — Residents in Sumner County are fighting plans for a sewer line to be placed along Upper Station Camp Creek.

Dozens of residents have placed signs in their yards opposing the proposal.

The sewer line was part of a greenway plan, which would be used for a new school Sumner County officials want to build, but some, including a county commissioner, wonder if it the line is being used to spur private development.

County Mayor Anthony Holt the site for the new school has been picked, but the building's infrastructure must exist before construction on the school can begin. After residents came out in large numbers against the greenway idea, Holt says that idea was taken off of the table.

"We're just funding it and building it to the utility companies specifications, same as all over the state of Tennessee," said Holt. "Once that is done, the county has no further say-so in what goes on with that."

Residents told NewsChannel 5 they don't think the sewer line is a good idea not only because it would be right next to a creek, but also because the county would use eminent domain to take some residents' land for the project.

"This is frustrating and just really upset about how this being handled," said Deborah Holmes, a landowner on the creek.

Holt says engineers hired by the county said the area next to the creek is the best for the sewer line because it will be easily serviceable.