Reverend Enoch Fuzz works to nourish Nashville's heart; helps feed neighbors in need

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Posted at 4:36 PM, Jun 17, 2020
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — One of the best ways to stay healthy is to eat healthy, but that's not always possible for thousands of Nashville families.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are expensive and many people can't afford them - especially now. But Nashville pastor Reverend Enoch Fuzz wants to change that.


He helped start the Food Pharmacy at Nashville General Hospital back in 2019. The idea was simple: a food bank specifically designed for people with chronic conditions. It started as a program for patients leaving the hospital but when the tornado hit - and then COVID - the program expanded. Now it serves as a way to get healthy food to hundreds of Nashville's most vulnerable people.

Since COVID-19, food pantries have become even more important. They help feed hungry families, but this one is different. The food pharmacy offers specific foods for specific people - and they deliver it to you for free.

"Everything we take them is what's appropriate for the community. We have a lot of folks who have chronic disease," said Vernon Rose.

Rose is the executive director of the Nashville General Hospital Foundation, which runs the unique food delivery program.

Rose gives an example of an elderly woman with high blood pressure.

"Somebody gave her a half pallet of Beanie Weenies. She was eating that for breakfast, lunch and dinner because that's all she had," Rose explained.

The woman ended up back in the hospital.

The Food Pharmacy program delivers fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meats and grains to those who need them.

"Our goal is $100,000 to deliver 60,000 meals in the community," said Rose.

Reverend Fuzz, the pastor at Corinthian Baptist Church in North Nashville is spearheading a fundraising effort called Nourish the Heart. It so happens he's doing so as he fights cancer at General Hospital.

By phone Reverend Fuzz explained, "I'm really sick right now. But I've declared war on this cancer and another war we are fighting is food deprivation in our great city."

Reverend Fuzz believes the Food Pharmacy will save lives with nourishing food. He and others are putting the word out, hoping you can help.

To honor him and his effort, NewsChannel 5 created Nourish the Heart: a fundraiser to help feed our neighbors in need.


All the money raised will go directly to the Food Pharmacy at Nashville General Hospital. Thanks to the Scripps Howard Foundation and some generous community partners, we will match every donation dollar for dollar.

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