Roaches Invade East Nashville Homes

Posted at 6:55 PM, Feb 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-25 14:53:37-05
Constant construction may have upgraded the look of East Nashville but the roaches have stuck around and caused major issues for homeowners in the area.
"I do a lot of service work and take care of a lot of homes in Nashville, the affluent and poor homes," said Stephen Kern, Electrical Contractor.
As more and more people have flocked to the "It" city, Nashville has continued to build up.
"You see a lot of tear down and rebuild going on in Nashville and it's great on the economy but you're taking two structures and putting it in the place of one," said Kerns.
Stephen Kerns is an electrical contractor who has been watching Nashville grow over the years, And as Kerns explains as older homes are torn down, they're leaving some unwanted pests to find a new place to invade.
"I had one of my employees open up the electrical box and they came pouring out and a very disturbing thing to see," said Kerns.
Roaches and other unwanted pests have invaded brand new homes, and one local exterminator said, East Nashville has been one of his most visited locations.
"Where they're tearing things down, and then they're coming basically starting to migrate from the houses that have been torn down to the new houses that have been built recently," said Damien Alexia owner of All Phase Pest Solutions.
However, there are ways to avoid becoming the next host to unwanted pests.
"If you call a professional like myself before you move your stuff in you would be a head of the game to protect yourself from spiders, roaches, any number of insects," said Alexia.