Roommates Help Save Man Stabbed By Intruder

Posted at 9:54 PM, Nov 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-17 17:01:56-05

Police say roommates rushed to the rescue of 24-year-old Austin Stuck after he was stabbed by a random intruder in his East Nashville townhome over the weekend.

The attack happened at their home at Russell and S 10th,  just a couple blocks from Five Points in East Nashville, according to Metro Police.

Roommates Dan McLaughlin and Wilson Luttrell say they have known Austin Stuck for years.

"He's hilarious, always brings a smile to your face, sarcastic but at the same time the nicest guy you've ever met," McLaughlin said.

They said Friday was a normal night. They went out for about an hour and a half, came home and went to sleep. That's when their 'normal' night quickly spiraled out of control.

"I heard Austin yell my name 'Dan help!'" McLaughlin recalled.

Police say an intruder broke in, came across Austin asleep on the couch and stabbed him multiple times.

"To say I was freaking out I would say is an understatement," McLaughlin said, "but I had Wilson with me and he kept me calm and we just kind of worked together."

They called 911, held the wound and performed CPR they remembered from former jobs as lifeguards.

"I think instincts just kicked in," Luttrell said.

It was hours before they knew if their friend would live or die.

"It's been a nightmare," said Austin's mom Bonnie.

Austin's parents rushed home from a wedding out of town when they got the call.

"Thank goodness for these guys," Bonnie said, looking at the two roommates, "and the care that he's been given. We're grateful, but it's been hard," she said, overcome by emotion. 

Ten hours after the attack they found out he would make it.

"It's honestly a miracle," Luttrell said.

They say Austin is still in the ICU, and has a long road of rehab ahead, but is in surprisingly good spirits.

If you want to help the family, visit their Go Fund Me page here

"It's amazing," Luttrell laughed, "it's Austin joking around still."

And while things are far from normal, like Austin they have stabilized, enough even for his mom to make a joke of her own: informing Austin he's moving.

"The next place needed to have armed guards, a high wall and possibly a moat so that's what I'm hoping for," she said with a smile, "maybe next door to me!"

Police released surveillance photos Wednesday night showing a bald man they believe may know details about the case.  If you recognize him call Metro Police