Search Area For Joe Clyde Daniels Will Most Likely Expand

Posted at 5:19 PM, May 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-21 19:45:56-04

The Dickson County Sheriff's Office will most likely be expanding the search area for Joe Clyde Daniels.

Side by side, nearly 500 people performed line and grid searches looking for Joe Clyde Daniels on Saturday.

In an area they thought his body would be, they came up with nothing.

"We haven't given up," Sheriff Jeff Bledsoe said. "It's been a focus of ours since day one, and we appreciate all the support. We couldn't do it ourselves nor could any of the agencies involved. It takes all of us working together and pulling together, and then all of the volunteers from the community have helped us to cover all of the areas that have been searched."

A national search group said they plan on coming back to Tennessee City to search a different area.

In the meantime, the sheriff headed back to the drawing board to figure out what areas they haven't looked at yet.

"We covered a lot of ground, and we know exactly where he's not," Dave Rader said. "Now we have to keep expanding the circle. He's there somewhere. We just haven't found that piece of the puzzle that we needed." 

Rader, with Texas Equusearch, said they will come back in a smaller group to expand the search area slightly beyond the 5,000 acres they've already covered.

"I told the sheriff on Saturday, 'I think we're in the right church. We just got to find that right pew,'" Rader said.

In the meantime, a community is holding on to hope and longing for justice for little Joe.

"I would love to give the community and investigators the piece of the puzzle to make sure that we don't have any plea deals and get a conviction," Rader said.

Joseph Daniels reportedly confessed to beating his son to death, but told investigators he doesn't remember where he put the body.

Krystal Daniels is being held on child abuse and neglect charges.

The child's parents have been scheduled to be in court on June 4.