Search Continues For Body Of Joe Clyde Daniels

Posted: 7:48 PM, Apr 20, 2018
Updated: 2018-04-21 00:48:51Z

The search for the remains of 5-year-old Joe Clyde Daniels continued in Dickson County on Friday.

About a dozen members with the Dickson County Sheriff's Office resumed the recovery effort after two days of resting and further planning.

Sheriff Jeff Bledsoe could not reveal the exact details of where his crews are searching but he said the smaller group is combing through untouched areas with K9's leading the way. 

The focus has always been around the Garners Creek Road area, where the Daniels home is located. 

"We're trying to expand where we were originally. We're looking at where we've been on our map and what we've already had in place, and we're building outside of those areas," said Bledsoe.

Since requesting for surveillance videos from residents who live in the Tennessee City area, the sheriff has reviewed at least four of them. 

He asked residents to hold off on conducting their own searches to prevent tampering with potential evidence in an ongoing criminal investigation.

Joe Clyde was initially thought to be missing more than two weeks. 

His father, Joseph Daniels, was arrested a few days later after he reportedly admitted to beating him to death.

His mother, Krystal Daniels, allegedly was there for the murder but failed to report the abuse. 

Frustration from the public mounts as the location of the boy's body remains a mystery. 

"When you go to sleep thinking about it, dreaming about it, and wake up thinking about it, it's a lot on you until you get that closure," Bledsoe added. "Your drive to find a five-year-old boy that's been killed is the thing that pushes you and keeps you going."

The parents are being held in the Dickson County jail on a $1 million bond each. 

They are still held in a closely monitored area of the jail , and are allowed phone calls and weekly visitations. 

A preliminary hearing is scheduled on June 1st.