Sending Fitbit Data To Your Health Insurer Could Cost You

Posted at 7:56 PM, Feb 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-24 16:53:11-05
Fitness trackers have become a popular fad, and many insurance companies have offered incentives to share your Fitbit data with your health care provider.
Healthy living is a lifestyle, and at Results Fitness, there's no room to slack.
Josh Rogers is the owner of Results Fitness in Edge Hill, and has been challenging clients for the last 15 years. Rogers said many of his clients show up with activity trackers to keep track of how hard they've trained.
"Fitness trackers hold you more accountable for your steps and the food you put in your body," said Rogers.
Wearing a fitness tracker could earn you cash from your health care provider. Under certain programs, people can choose to wear an activity tracker and share that data with their insurance company. 
However, that same information could be used against them, and insurers could look to activity trackers for evidence to set rates. But it’s important to note, that insurers using the information from fitness trackers and wellness programs in this manner is currently against the law.
"It's really beneficial for people who are actually moving and taking steps, but it can be a disadvantage for folks who can't do a lot of high intensity work," said Rogers.
Sarah Curlee has been working out at the YMCA in Bordeaux for several years and said her insurance company has her activity data, but is concerned that the data could be used against her.
"It's essentially my money that's being messed with because I might be having a bad time in life, and I may not be able to do as much," said Curlee.
And fitness trainers are hoping that working towards a healthy lifestyle will remain a reward instead of a punishment.