Seniors Deal With Pot Holes Outside Assisted Living Community

Posted at 10:45 PM, Jul 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-12 23:58:20-04

Seniors at one Middle Tennessee Senior Living community have taken notice of the pot hole problem outside their building.

Residents at Morningside of Springfield claim they've been dealing with bad pot holes on the road leading to the complex for years. The city, however, cannot repave the road since it's a private drive.

According to city letters, the Royal Oaks Condominiums Homeowners Association was notified by the city to repave the "deplorable" road conditions in September of last year. However, the road has never been repaved.

"They'll send, every once in awhile, a guy with a wheel barrel and a shovel to fill the holes," Director Nelda Nyers said.

"It had just been maintained last week," Bob Johnson explained. His mother has lived at Morningside for about five years. His biggest concern is safety. "You got lanes of traffic colliding right here in what I call a big pot hole," he explained.

The city may not own the road, but they do use it. "Cops come through here all the time, school buses, ambulances, fire, all of them use these roads," said Nyers.

Resident Elsie Barbee has a hard time driving on it as well. She's undergone nearly a dozen back surgeries. "In fact, one of those pot holes could very well be the reason I need the next one," said Barbee.

Springfield city officials have explored ways to help, either by forcing the HOA to repair it or by obtaining the road and allowing the city to repair it.