Several Residents Without Heat In Parmley Cove Neighborhood

Posted at 9:32 PM, Jan 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-07 23:35:13-05

Several homes in a Whites Creek neighborhood have been having heat trouble.

"I see some ice crystals on the ground here," Aaron Schroer said. "We've had a pretty hard freeze lately." 

The owner of Tennessee Home Inspectors said he's noticed the issue in several homes in the Parmley Cove neighborhood.

"Condensate from these high efficiency furnaces are going to bleed out here all winter long which is not normal for most systems," Schroer said.

He has been referring new homeowners to an HVAC technician.

"I got a friend, somebody that I sent our clients to, Cumberland Cooling, he's been doing four or five a week here where they've been having these pipes freeze in the attic," Schroer said.

Dave Jones said everything's been great with his Ryan Home except for this.

"Almost 30 homes in the neighborhood, all of our heat was out," Jones said. "People's units freezing up, freezing over, water dripping into people's houses."

Jones was using a fireplace and a secondary heating unit to warm up his home. His dog, Ryder, wore a coat to keep warm.

"And when I called and told them that we didn't have any heat, the customer service representative asked me if I had a blow dryer and wanted to walk me through going outside and using a blow dryer to defrost the condensation lines. Just no," Jones said.

For Jones, that's not something he can easily navigate.  

"Well I'm partially blind," Jones said.

Other neighbors have also had issues with the furnace and condensation drain, too.

"I put some roasting pans under there which is what I'm doing, but I have to empty them three times a day," Jones said.

So after multiple maintenance visits covered under their warranty, residents have been begging for help.

"I want to be able to walk to the thermostat and press heat or cool, period," Jones said.

As of now, the expert thinks dozens of homeowners are out of luck.

"Using a less efficient HVAC system would have avoided this problem," Schroer said.

We have left a message with the parent company for Ryan Homes, but on Sunday they did not immediately get back to us for comment.