Sex Addiction Center Says Rehab Is No Vacation

Posted: 11:03 PM, Nov 13, 2017
Updated: 2017-11-14 00:10:03-05
Sex Addiction Center Says Rehab Is No Vacation

As more high profile figures continue to face sexual abuse allegations, many have claimed they have a problem that needs to be rehabilitated.

But is this just a convenient excuse for bad behavior, or is it a legitimate disorder?

The Ranch Treatment Center in Hickman County says addiction rehab centers often get a bad rap, with people thinking the therapy is nothing more than a long vacation.

Those at The Ranch say, their therapy works.

They say they don't treat people who have been convicted of sex crimes, but they try to help people before it gets to that point.

"We try to work with them in understanding the 'why."  Obviously they're not choosing to destroy a family, not choosing to hurt the people they love," said Karen Brownd with The Ranch.  "We work with the 'why,' which would be trauma, events in their lives."

And for the victims of sexual assault or abuse, the experts say coming forward with what happened may be the first step toward healing.