Shelter residents mourn after dog found dead in neighbor's yard

Women's shelter manager believes dog's death is suspicious
Posted at 3:51 PM, Aug 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-26 20:31:29-04

ROBERTSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WTVF)  — Women and children at a Robertson County shelter are mourning after their beloved dog was found dead. The shelter manager believes Roscoe's death is suspicious, and it's under investigation by police and animal control.

"There's a certain joy that animals bring to children that humans can't," Lisa Osborne said, "It's almost like he knew that he was helping them heal."

The people who stay at the shelter are homeless, or victims of domestic violence. On Thursday evening, Osborne said a child may have let Roscoe out to use the bathroom, and by Friday morning the dog was found dead in the neighbor's yard.

"She had come over and she said 'Get your dead ass dog out of my yard.' Just really cold," Osborne said, "He had bludgeoned marks on top of his head. You could tell he was hit with something over and over."

Roscoe had a knack for comforting the children at the shelter after they had been uprooted from their homes.

"They've had tough times, they've had to move, and now they're in a shelter, but here comes this dog, this ray of sunshine named Roscoe. He's my friend. He was their friend, and so they took more than an animal," Osborne said.

Since Roscoe looks like a boxer pit bull mix, he was able to ward off unwanted visitors by barking.

"They felt secure with him in the house at night, and with him on the property at night, they felt safe," Osborne said.

Now without their security, the shelter residents are left mourning, and searching for answers.

"I want justice," Osborne said.

The local police department and animal control did not immediately respond back to us for comment. If charges or citations are issued in this case, we will update you on this developing story.

Since some of the women are fleeing from violent situations, we are not disclosing the shelter's exact location.