‘Shenanigoats' Opens Goat Yoga Studio In Madison

Posted: 9:34 AM, Nov 30, 2017
Updated: 2017-11-30 18:40:37Z

Six months ago, goat yoga was a curious new fad. Now, Nashvillians are all too familiar with the workout and one company has even herded their goats indoors.

What started as a backyard novelty is now a brick and mortar business.

Shenanigoats, a Nashville-based herd housed by Jamie Codispoti and her partner, Max Knudsen, have opened a goat yoga studio in Madison to give yogis year-round classes.

The studio is dedicated to all things goat and has already seen visitors from all over the world.

"People coming from outside the country with a girl from Sweden this past weekend, with people from the U.K. It's huge, we're getting phone calls especially now with Christmas coming up [and] families coming down to Nashville to spend Christmas,” Codispoti  said. “I got a call yesterday from a family in Minneapolis, it's everywhere."

Their "Shenanigoats" have even been published in a coffee table book. It could be the perfect stocking stuffer for the goat yoga enthusiast in your life.

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1046 Westchester Dr, Madison, TN 37115