Snow Days Affect School Fundraiser

Posted at 7:14 PM, Feb 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-11 21:18:09-05

Metro students may have enjoyed recent snow days, but for Murrell Elementary School, the weather almost killed one of their biggest fundraisers.

When its not snowing the halls of Murrell are filled with special needs students, about 70 in all.

Every year, months before Valentines day, the school's teachers begin their work. "We make everything, it's kind of insane to think that but we do, that's why it takes months," teacher, Brittni Fisher explained. 

Typically, they would make their way to area middle schools the week before Valentines Day where their number one customers are ready to spend money. However, this year, that didn't happen.

"This year is a sad year," Linda Hockaday said. 

Snow days have nearly pulled the plug on their plans. "We're not going to the schools so we're going to set up on the street corner," Hockaday laughed. 

Murrell counts on the fundraiser and areas schools to raise around $10,000 that'll be used to help students with supplies, field trips and anything they need that's not in the budget.

"Knowing that this is our only fundraiser for the whole year kind of makes your stomach drop a little bit with each snow day," said Fisher. 

So they have done their best with the days they were given, delivering Valentines gifts to school administrators on Thursday.

Hopes were high for Friday, as long as students remembered to bring some cash to class.

"We're all just keeping our fingers crossed, just to see, try to get some of this stuff sold," said Hockaday. 

Any items that aren't sold on Friday will be at Murrell Elementary School on Saturday and available for purchase. Gift bags range between $5 and $45.