SoBro Apartment Complex Employs Live-In Musician

Posted at 7:23 AM, Aug 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-25 08:29:20-04

With new apartments opening by the thousands how do property managers set themselves apart?

Jay Filson is the SoBro's artist-in-residence.

"Jay lives on-site. He moved-in around Memorial Day weekend. So that's when his in-house residency started. And he'll be for a year so we're super excited to have him," said Property Manager Cory Owak. 

The 26-year old moved to Music City after winning a social media contest put on by the property.

"The residents chose him," she said. 

First prize was free rent for a year and the financial freedom to pursue a career in music. Quite the prize when you consider a studio apartment starts around $1500 a month.

Owak said the program is a way to feel connected to the community.

"So we had this awesome band that was playing and we just thought to ourselves, 'Why not make this all the time available to residents. why cant we have someone playing all the time at the pool deck, on the amenity floor, in the lobby when [residents] come home.'"

Filson said he may even offer music lessons to interested residents. For more information click here