Speed Limit Reduced On Highway 76 In Clarksville

Posted at 6:28 PM, Oct 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-04 19:31:18-04

The speed limit on Martin Luther King Parkway in Clarksville from exit 11 to Madison Street will be reduced from 55 mph, to 50 mph.

The Mayors Office said the move came after a study showed that nearly 900 crashes happened on Highway 76 over the last eight years. Five of those wrecks were fatal.

Of those crashes, 29 resulted in serious injuries, and officials said speed played a factor in most of those crashes.

Crews were busy Wednesday afternoon installing the new speed limit signs, and the city is hoping the reduced speed limit will make the that highway safer.

So far, the Mayor said the change had not been met with any opposition.

"We haven't heard any push back from the residents. Now I have to tell residents this is in the city limits, and officers could be patrolling it and you will be ticketed if you do not follow the law," said Mayor Kim McMillan,City of Clarksville.

The city has worked to make improvements on the road by installing turning lanes, and a traffic light. Officials are hoping the speed limit reduction will also help.

"Anytime there's a fatality that occurs on a roadway, that's a very serious impact to the community. It's people we know here in town," said Chris Cowan, traffic engineer with the City of Clarksville.

The new speed limit will go into effect starting Friday morning at 8.