Detective Indicted On Aggravated Perjury

Posted at 11:45 AM, May 20, 2016

A Gatlinburg police detective has been indicted on two counts of aggravated perjury stemming from his testimony about the alleged sexual assault of Chattanooga high school basketball players by their teammates.

The Hamilton County District Attorney's office announced Friday detective Floyd Rodney Burns was indicted because of his testimony at a February 15 preliminary hearing for three Ooltewah High School officials who faced charges of failing to report a sexual assault.

Burns testified during the hearing that the assault had been blown out of proportion and was "something stupid that kids do."

Gatlinburg police have charged three Ooltewah players with the aggravated rape of a freshman teammate.

Police said the freshman required emergency surgery after three teammates held him down and assaulted him with a pool cue December 22.