States Sees Alarming Trend, Sheds Used As Homes

Posted at 6:01 PM, Aug 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-19 20:09:33-04
As housing prices continued to sky rocket through out Nashville, popularity of tiny houses - that are about the size of some peoples bathrooms - has also sky rocketed.
However, the trend, according to state officials, has created an unintended consequence: a growing number of people trying to use backyard sheds for permanent housing options.
They're called ready-removables and they are meant to hold nothing more than lawn mowers and yard equipment, but more and more often the state is seeing backyard sheds being turned into permanent homes.
The problem is they aren't safe and now the state fire marshal is stepping in to do something about it.
"We do have people who have died in storage sheds and things like that and that's what a ready-removeable is and even though it might be hard to imagine living in a shed there's people that do that," said Tennessee State Fire Marshal Gary West.
West said people in his department have seen an alarming increase in the number of people across the state trying to get electrical inspections approved for ready-removeables.
"They’re not made or built for people to live there," he said.
Increasing property costs may be one factor, Gary West believes, another he said is the popularity of Tiny Homes. Unlike Tiny Home though backyard sheds are not built to safety standards.
"As property values continue to sky rocket people are going to find ways to afford the place they live in," said David Latimer founder of New Frontier Tiny Homes.
Latimer builds custom Tiny Homes in East Nashville, unlike ready-removeables though they are constructed by professional plumbers, electricians and even HVAC crews.
"This is made to be lived in permanently, this is made to be lived in for 50 years," he added.