Dog Shot, Killed In Aftermath Of Storm

Posted at 5:35 PM, Apr 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-19 20:19:10-04

A strong storm downed multiple trees, some onto houses, in the Donelson and Hermitage areas of Nashville, but in the aftermath of the storm an officer shot and killed a dog attacking neighbors and first responders.

One of the massive trees that fell onto a home was near Jenry Drive in Hermitage.

Microburst Downs Trees In Donelson

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NewsChannel 5's Nick Bere's saw the story unfold when he was out for a run in the area.

The storm quickly hit and he had to take shelter at the closest home, and that's when the tree pictured  fell on the house. He told his story and talked to other neighbors on Facebook live (below).

A second home was damaged on Jenry Drive, in which a massive tree was draped over the home.



While neighbors and first responders were out surveying damage, a pet dog had gotten loose.

The strong winds not only blew its dog house away, it also blew a tree over and on top of the two vehicle next to it in the homeowner's back yard.

Out of fear, the dog would not come to neighbors or officials. Metro Nashville Police said the dog bit three people during their efforts to capture it. That's when a police officer tried to calm it down, but was also bitten. The officer shot and killed the dog.

Neighbors and first responders tried to coax the homeowner out of the home, but he would not come outside to help control the dog.

The MNPD Crime Scene Investigation unit responded following protocol because the officer's firearm was discharged.