Stranger Pays Family's Layaway At Dickson Walmart

DICKSON, Tenn. - Lori Jones and her husband stopped at the Dickson Walmart Wednesday night to pick out Christmas gifts for their two children, but in the layaway line, a stranger gave the two parents a gift of their own.

A woman in line behind them paid off their entire layaway bill.

"I lost it," Jones said. "I started crying and just had this amazing, overwhelming, joyous feeling."

Jones and her husband immediately went back to the layaway counter, but the woman who paid their bill was already gone.

The family said the random act of kindness will make this Christmas much easier financially.

"My husband works all the time to take care of me and our children," Jones said. "It’s a breath of fresh air to know a lot of the Christmas shopping is done, and we don’t have to worry about it."

Jones also said she's not sure how, but she has planned to pay it forward with her own random act of kindness.

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