Suspected serial killer arrested in connection to Spring Hill 1991 cold case

Posted at 4:14 PM, May 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-06 17:18:50-04

SPRING HILL, Tenn. (WTVF) — Police arrested a 59-year-old Iowa man who is believed to have killed a woman in Spring Hill in 1991 as well as two women in Wyoming.

DNA evidence led investigators to Clark Perry Baldwin, a former truck driver of Waterloo, Iowa. Two local DA detectives, DCI Iowa agents, DCI Wyoming agents, and the FBI arrested him Wednesday morning.

In March of 1991, 33-year-old Pamela Rose Aldridge McCall was murdered in Spring Hill. Police found her body in a tree line about 100 feet from Saturn Parkway adjacent to the westbound lane. Witnesses told police she had been traveling with a semi-truck driver.

When officers found her, she had obvious injuries to the face and neck and her clothes and underwear were torn. An autopsy showed that not only had she been strangled, but her unborn baby had died as well. She was 24 weeks pregnant at the time of the attack.

Local DA Investigator Tommy Goetz reopened the case in 2019. He submitted evidence recovered in 1991 to the TBI Crime Laboratory for DNA analysis. The lab returned a full DNA profile of an unidentified man.

The profile was then submitted to the national CODIS DNA database which returned a match to DNA in two other homicides in Wyoming, from March and April of 1992. They were even more of a match when investigators learned that those homicides also involved a truck driver as the possible suspect.

That's when DCI Wyoming investigators and the local 22nd Judicial District Attorney’s office teamed up.

Together, officials say they gathered more DNA evidence linking Baldwin to all three murder scenes over the last few months.

“At least I have a grave to visit, some Mom’s don’t even have that.” Now, thankfully, she has more than a grave to visit. As promised, my office will always attempt to bring those to justice who have taken innocent life; No matter how long it’s been since the crime. Brent Cooper District Attorney General 22nd Judicial District, Tennessee

Within the last two to three months, investigators were able to retrieve items from Iowa that contained possible DNA samples from Baldwin. Subsequent analysis has established that the DNA left at all three murder scenes was that of Clark Perry Baldwin. This morning, DA Criminal Investigators Tommy Goetz and Jeff Dunn, assisted by agents from DCI Iowa, DCI Wyoming, and the FBI, arrested Baldwin at his home in Waterloo, Iowa.

Baldwin will be extradited from Iowa to Tennessee to face two charges of first degree murder - one count for the murder of Rose McCall and another for the murder of her unborn child.

Baldwin was also charged with the two homicides in Wyoming. District Attorney Brent Cooper says Baldwin will face those charges once the Tennessee charges are resolved.

Cooper said in a social media post, "I am also very happy to be able to give Rose McCall’s mother a chance to see justice for her daughter’s and granddaughter’s murders."