SUV Riddled With Bullets; No Driver Found

Posted at 10:53 PM, Mar 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-30 23:53:10-04

Police have found an SUV was riddled with bullets, in which the driver was also shot, but the driver hasn't been found yet.

Murfreesboro detectives found the abandoned Suzuki SUV Tuesday morning riddled with bullets in the Kroger parking lot off Old Fort Parkway. They said there was absolutely no doubt that the driver was hit.

"We do believe someone inside the vehicle was shot. We want to know who that was ... where it occurred and who was doing the shooting," said Sgt. Kyle Evans.

The SUV was hit nearly a dozen times including one right through the driver's side door. Police were certain the person behind the wheel was shot, but declined to elaborate further on the evidence.

"This is a strange case. We don't see this -- usually someone ends up at the hospital seeking medical treatment," said Sgt. Evans.

If the gunshot victim was alive, he or she had not yet shown up in any emergency room.

Sgt. Evans said the vehicle's front window was shattered. It had a flat tire and the license plate was deliberately removed.

He added that the shooting happened someplace else and then the vehicle was abandoned in the busy parking lot.

"We think the car was dumped there by the victim or possibly the suspect," said Sgt. Evans.

Police ran the SUV's VIN number, and recovered one 9 millimeter round from the car.

They asked anyone who may have seen the car being abandoned in the parking lot or knows the identity of the owner contact the Murfreesboro Police Department.