Sylvan Park Home On Market For $1 Million

Posted at 7:16 PM, Aug 04, 2015

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – We all know housing prices are rising across Nashville, but the owners of a home in the Sylvan Park neighborhood are thinking really big -- as in an asking price of $1,000,000.

The 4300 square foot home is the priciest ever to be put on the market in the Sylvan Park neighborhood.

While that price tag may be surprising to some potential buyers, the realtor selling the home says the oversized lot and different amenities on the property like a salt-water pool justify the cost.

On top of that, realtors say the Sylvan Park area is quickly becoming a desirable spot for developers, and with home prices increasing in this sellers’ market, they say homes can now be sold at a premium, especially in homes near the city core.

“It’s definitely got national developer attention, so now folks that live in Sylvan Park are walking over to charlotte,” said Rick Deckbar, the realtor who has put the home on the market. “It's the walkability, it's a traffic dodge.”

Deckbar says the house has gotten a lot of attention since being listed on Saturday. He says 20 people showed up to an open house on Sunday.

The owner of the home is a builder himself, who made improvements to the home over the last several years.