Tenn. senators vote "not guilty" in Trump impeachment trial

Trump Impeachment
Posted at 3:22 PM, Feb 13, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-13 16:22:06-05

WASHINGTON D.C., (WTVF) — The U.S. Senate has acquitted former President Donald Trump in his second impeachment trial, based on the charge of inciting the deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol January 6.

Fifty-seven senators voted to convict Trump, including all 50 Democrats and 7 Republicans-- the most impeachment defections ever from a president's party. A conviction needed 67 votes.

Tennessee Senators Marsha Blackburn and Bill Hagerty, both Republicans, voted "not guilty."

Blackburn called the trial "unconstitutional," and Hagerty referred to it as "a wasted week."

Read their statements:

“The House Impeachment Managers launched an unconstitutional show trial to humiliate the former President and his supporters. The Impeachment Managers have accomplished nothing but to extend the pain of the American people. They achieved one thing – Donald J. Trump’s acquittal.” -Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R) TN

“Instead of putting the needs of the hardworking men and women of this country first, the Senate has spent this week watching a political performance by the House managers designed to humiliate the former president, discredit his successful policies, and shame the 74 million Americans who voted for him. But they have failed spectacularly. It has been a wasted week. I voted to acquit President Trump because the article of impeachment was unconstitutional. But it was also unsubstantiated by the House managers’ complete lack of investigation, smoke-and-mirrors presentation, and distortion of basic First Amendment principles. More importantly, it could have paved the way for a dangerous precedent of allowing Congress to punish any former official when control of the legislative branch shifts to a different party. The Senate is not the forum for this, and the time wasted with this political show-trial did nothing to help Tennesseans overcome the ongoing pandemic and resulting recession or put students back in the classroom safely.” -Sen. Bill Hagerty (R) TN