Tennessee Money Fuels Alabama U.S. Senate Race

Posted at 7:01 PM, Dec 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-11 20:03:03-05

Tennessee voices could be shaping who becomes the next U.S. Senator from Alabama in a political battle that's gained national attention as the Republican candidate Roy Moore faces allegations of sexual assault.

A Political Action Committee based in Tennessee called Drain the DC Swamp has been pushing for Moore's victory behind a $10,000 direct mail campaign, sending flyers to homes in Alabama.

According to a recent filing with the FEC, the group paid a Florida-based corporation the money last week for campaign mailers in support of Republican Roy Moore and in opposition to his Democratic challenger Doug Jones.

One of the PAC's members is Nashville attorney Judson Phillips, who was also the creator of the conservative group Tea Party Nation.

Phillips said even in Tennessee, he feels he has a stake in what Alabama voters decide because the winner will have a voice in shaping national policy with a Republican senate majority.

"With the atmosphere up there, it's hard for the Republicans to hold their coalition together to pass President Trump's agenda," said Phillips. "If they lose another vote -- if Alabama's senate seat goes blue to Doug Jones -- Jones is going to be a vote against the president and everything the president wants to do."

Phillips said he thinks the Drain the DC Swamp Political Action Committee will also donate to races coming up for the midterms next year.