Tennessee Titans will still allow limited amount of fans at games, despite COVID outbreak

If and when the Steelers game is rescheduled, fans can attend
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Posted at 4:45 PM, Sep 30, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-30 19:31:08-04

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — The NFL has postponed the Tennessee Titans' match-up with the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday, due to multiple Titans testing positive for COVID-19.

But team representatives confirm to NewsChannel 5 that this will not impact the ability of season ticket holders with tickets to attend games this season.

Like a quarterback under center, Titans season ticket holders had an option this summer. "You pay for your tickets and you could just roll the dice on which games you go to," said Jerry Pratt, a season ticket holder with the Titans since 1999.

Option 1: PSL owners could ask for a refund.

Option 2: PSL owners could take what they've paid this year and attribute it to the 2021 season.

Option 3: PSL owners could keep their money active and try to attend socially distanced games.

"I chose to hang on to my tickets. If we were going to have it, I was going to be there," said Mike Lovelace, who is also a founding season ticket holder for the Titans.

Lovelace bought tickets for every game the team offered this year, including the Steelers game. He says he has no qualms about attending if the game is rescheduled.

"None whatsoever. The seats are so spread out, there’s only going to be seven thousand fans there and you’re not going to be that close to people you don’t know unless you want to be," said Lovelace.

Season ticket holder Tom Samulski opted to defer his credit to the 2021 season.

"I’m fine with my decision, right? My family’s health is more important than watching the Titans," said Samulski.

Jerry Pratt bought tickets for the home game next week against the Buffalo Bills, which could also be in jeopardy due to the team's exposure to COVID-19. He hopes he still gets to attend, but if not, admits he knows what he signed up for.

"I don’t blame the organization at all for what the fans are having to go through. It’s not their fault that this pandemic is there and they’re trying to be safe," said Pratt.

That's the thing about the option -- whatever you choose, you have to live with it.

"I’m looking forward to watching their games however they’re played, hopefully, I’ll be able to attend them," said Pratt.