The Equity Alliance returns with its Black Women's Empowerment Summit

Posted at 9:43 PM, Jul 09, 2022

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — Hundreds of Nashville women gathered for the Equity Alliance's Black Women's Empowerment Brunch.

Jess Williams with the racial justice advocacy group The Equity Alliance said that after a two-year hiatus it's good to be back in sisterhood.

"In true The Equity Alliance form — in true TEA form — we had to make our event, bigger, better and Blacker than ever," she said.

Research indicates that women of color are typically underrepresented in professional, high-status jobs, which is why Williams said highlighting successful Black women is essential.

"We wanted to make sure that Black women had a space where they were able to create partnerships, where they were able to network, where they were able to further their businesses, but also a place where we were able to feed them holistically, physically, spiritually and everything in between," Williams said.

About 250 women stopped by on Saturday and 500 more are expected Sunday.

The two-day event featured speakers diving into topics like financial literacy, career readiness and mental health.

Organizers said proceeds from ticket sales will be used to keep building community.

"All of the funds that are raised this entire weekend go back to helping us to empower Black folks, to make sure that we are able to build independent Black political, civil, and economic power," Williams said.

The event featured more than a dozen local vendors and about 20 volunteers helped make it all happen.

Tickets are still available for tomorrow's brunch. You can find more information at The Equity Alliance website.