Tickets Sell Out To Watch Party In Bridgestone

Posted at 7:16 PM, Jun 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-08 20:49:56-04

A watch party inside Bridgestone arena sold out for game 5 of the Stanley Cup Final.

Many fans waited all day to get in on Thursday. Some were there before 11 a.m. and waited either on the plaza or nearby in bars for the watch party.

Plastered in yellow and awaiting fans, Bridgestone Arena was the site for Predators fans in Nashville.

“They've got to win tonight. That's all,” one fan said.

Either inside or on the plaza, fans waited to secure their spots. Around 6 p.m. it was announced that tickets had sold out.

Ray Lewis is another devoted fan.

"Game Five is tonight in Pittsburgh, and I'm going to cheer them on,” fan Ray Lewis said. “I got a ticket to watch them on the Jumbotron, then I've got a wristband to watch them here, then I'm going over to the Hall of Fame Park. I'm covering them all."

With wrist bands secured, fans at the plaza will have a good spot for the screen, and they know or have seen how crowded it can be.

"I was here Saturday night, too. I could not walk from here to ten feet away it was just stopped,” a fan said.

Tickets for the watch party inside Bridgestone Arena were $15 for general admission. That money has been set to go to the Preds Foundation.