Traffic Signal Changes Coming To Busy Roads In Brentwood

Posted at 3:37 AM, Feb 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-05 10:02:48-05

People who live and work in Brentwood will start seeing some traffic changes Monday. The city is implementing new traffic signal timing patterns to help keep traffic moving.

The Tennessee Department of Transportation awarded the City of Brentwood $215,000 in 2016 to help improve traffic flow on four major roads. Over time, engineers developed four timing plans for 31 intersections in Brentwood.

Concord Rd. will see the first changes after the morning rush on Monday. According to the City, engineers will implement the new traffic signal timings and then adjust them throughout the day. The new patterns will be implemented from Franklin Rd. to Sunset Rd.

The next road that will see the traffic changes is Moores Lane. Drivers can expect the signal timings to change there beginning Monday, February 12. Wilson Pike and Murray Lane will follow through the end of February. 

The City said the goal of this project is not only to reduce traffic delays, but also reduce pollutants emitted while vehicles are idling.