TV Falls On 2 Children; Police Remind Of Dresser Stability, Safety

Posted at 8:37 PM, Jul 12, 2017

Clarksville Police officials remind parents about dresser safety after two children were injured when a television fell off of a dresser.

According to the report a 40-inch TV fell off the dresser and onto the two children. It was unclear how it happened, but officials said it was accidental and the children were not seriously harmed.

However, they used the incident to remind the public about the importance of securing furniture.

Based on a 2016 U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission Staff Study there were an annual average of 33,100 emergency department-treated injuries (2013-2015) and 489 reported fatalities between 2000 and 2015 associated with tip-overs. These injuries and fatalities were not limited to children.

Officials went on to explain more of the injuries and fatalities in a detailed Facebook post.