Veterans Respond To Transgender Military Ban

Posted at 10:56 PM, Jul 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-26 23:56:01-04

President Trump posted a series of social media tweets, explaining his plans to reinstate a ban on transgender men and women from serving in the U.S. military. 

On devices and computers across the nation, America sounded off on Wednesday.

"So I went to Twitter just to verify that it was real cause you never know these days," Carla Lewis said. 

Lewis joined the Air Force in 1990, her name was Justin then. Her time in the military, however, did not last long after a background check revealed she had sought counseling for gender issues.

"I was discharged for being transgender in 1991," Lewis explained. However, she knows there are thousands of others like herself serving in the military today. "There's transgender soldiers, marines, airmen, sailors that are defending our constitution and they're wondering why our country is not defending them," she said. 

While Lewis was shocked and angered by the President's announcement, not everyone disagreed.

Tim served in the armed forces from 2013 to 2016. "I don't think it's right," he said. "You need to be in 100 percent fighting condition at all time."

While he applauds anyones decision to do what they want with their bodies, he maintains the military is just not the place for it. "As far as the military, I don't think people who are having those kind of changes in their body mentally, physically, I don't think that should be allowed in the military," Tim said. "You're not 100 percent prepared to fight."

We have not learned what will happen to transgender military members who are actively serving now. The President has not announced any plans to implement his policy.