Joe Biden Sends Surprise Video To BGA Graduation

Posted at 7:20 PM, May 16, 2016

Vice President Joe Biden made a surprise appearance at the Battle Ground Academy's graduation ceremony in Franklin.

He recorded a video for the graduating seniors, along with special congratulations to one of their shining students.

Graduating senior Campbell Parker has dealt with a stutter for most of his life.

It's something he still deals with, but he's improved a lot -- in part thanks to a meeting with the Vice President six years ago.

Vice President Biden overcame stuttering as he was growing up, just like Campbell.

At a political event that Biden was at in 2010, Campbell showed up as well.

Biden pulled Campbell aside, and talked to him about how to overcome stuttering.  Biden even showed Campbell how he marked up his speeches to help.

Since then, Campbell’s stuttering has improved, and he's given speeches himself.

Yesterday at the Battle Ground Academy graduation, Biden sent a video message to Campbell congratulating him, and the entire class of 2016.

“I just want to let you know how proud I am of everything you've overcome and everything you've done and what you're going to do,” Biden said in his remarks.

In the video, Biden said he would have been at the commencement himself, had it not been for his granddaughter’s graduation that same day.